The Project

Bikeberufene (Motorcycalled) is a book project that protraits women in technical careers behind the scenes of motorcycle racing. Female mechanics, female engineers, female designers ...

It traces their individual paths, reveales their successes, talents and values, but also obstacles and setbacks in their profession. 

The book aims to give women's careers in motorcycle racing the visibility that inspires all to consciously choose their own professional path, follow their passion and live in freedom.

At the heart of the project are interviews with women in the industry on a global level.

The project was launched in July 2023. The interview phase will last until mid-2024. The actual writing of the book and search for a publisher will follow end-2024 / early 2025. The publication is planned for 2025.

Looking for support

If you know interview partners who fit the profile, we would be very happy to hear from them.

We are also looking for financial support for the editing of the book, which we would like to devote ourselves to full-time for a certain period of time.

Any idea is welcome.

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