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30 april 2024 - The Bikeberufene Logo is out

Chantal, the Bikeberufene graphic designer, created the Bikeberufene Logo which we will be using for communication, merchandising and of course also for the book! 

22 march 2024 - First race visit "Les 24 heures Motos du Mans"

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Live from the pit experience

As a first step after completing the crowdfunding, I was able to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend. Invited by alpha Racing / BMW and with the incredible hospitality and openness of the Bolliger Team Switzerland, I was able to follow the race live in the paddock and directly from the Bolliger’s pit. Qualifying, pit stop practice, the famous Le Mans start and the various phases of the actual race - I was able to experience all of this close up. And it gives even a laywoman goosebumps to see how the drivers are supported by the team, how the team works together with 100 % precision and how everything has to happen within seconds.

Cooking Papet vaudois au Mans

As a small thank you, I cooked the Vaudois «national dish» Papet vaudois on site together with the kitchen crew for the Team Bolliger, using the original swiss ingredients «smuggled» in my suitcase. (It was only thanks to the compassion of the french security men at the entrance that the original bottles of Swiss Chasselas also ended up at their destination.)
As always in the Bikeberufene project, somehow everything went well and the Team Bolliger finished in an incredible 7th place as a purely private team! With their spirit and professionalism, they have been challening the factory teams for decades and are on top of that cool enough to accept spectators like me in the pits.

Meeting Markus "reiti" Reiterberger
Finally, this very rich weekend allowed me to better understand and feel the world of the women I interview in all its facets. You can’t read about it or ask about it, you have to experience it. And that was possible thanks to the crowdfunding!
Finally, it was also quite an emotional and special moment to be able to meet Markus Reiterberger. A true professional of international calibre, whose Bavarian dialect is very down to earth in the global racing circus.

21 march 2024 - Le crowdfunding succeded

18 march 2024 - First Bikeberufene webinar - Professional exchange and networking

A second aspect of the project that quickly emerged during the interviews was the networking aspect. The women I interviewed were all very curious to get to know each other, exchange professional expertise and thus expand their professional network.

Monday, 18 March 2024, we therefore organised a first webinar in which all the women presented themselves and their professional projects, exchanged ideas and got to know each other better. It's about an exchange of expertise. At the same time, a format like this also creates a better network for women in the industry.

14 march 2024 - First newspaper article on

Following the MotoFestival presentation, the first article about the project was published this week. 
A super portrait in German.

3 march 2024 - First presentation of the project at the MotoFestival Bern

I have been invited to present the project at the Motofestival in Bern, the largest swiss bike event on the big stage for half an hour each time. I will have one of the interview partners on stage in a live interview and I will show excerpts from the interviews.
In addition, Anne's motorbike, which a friend of hers has now taken over and beautifully restored, will also be displayed at the Moto Center Thun stand (KTM dealer) on Saturday, 2 March 2024.

You can watch the recording of the presentation at the Motofestival Bern online in german: Link to the video (you don't have to download the file, you can watch it directly in your browser)

27 February 2024 - Bikeberufene live on air at Rouge FM

This evening (February 27th, 6 pm), I had the chance to present the project briefly at a well-known radio station in western Switzerland - Rouge FM. 

You can find the podcast here

10 February 2024 - Status quo of the interviews: The 10 mark has been reached

 To date, I have been able to interview 10 women from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Spain. Two more interviews are scheduled for this month, including one with a data engineer from the USA.

They are working in development, software development or as mechanics or racing suit developers (!) in the motorcycle industry, at companies such as alpha Racing, KTM, Harley Davidson, ... some of them were or are part of racing teams. A few are at the beginning of their careers, many have already established themselves somewhat and a few already have a lot of experience.

It's slowly becoming a super exciting mix and I'm learning fascinating new things interview after interview. It's just incredible fun.
You can find the preview on the website: The women

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